Benefits of Our Integrated Design/Build/Manage Model

One of Whitlock’s greatest strengths is our Design/Build/Manage project method, which incorporates project teams that are involved in the entire project life cycle to provide high quality and sustainable systems. This approach allows for multiple benefits that are not possible in a traditional design/bid/build project model. Our project teams benefit from the experience and input of all internal teammates (including designers, programmers, field technicians, and project managers), as well as manufacturers, project partners, and our clients. This enables us to provide designs that not only satisfy the criteria of the design program, but to do so in the most efficient, time conscious, and cost effective manner.

Our approach includes extensive testing and Quality Assurance checks in multiple phases of the project. By staging large portions of the project in house before deployment, we are able to evaluate system performance and make design modifications or corrections before actual field deployment. This allows us to refine our design approach in an adaptive manner, and we invite our clients to participate in this process first hand by reviewing the staged and mocked systems at our facilities.

Our full service listing includes: