Our Primary Audiovisual & Digital Media Applications

Whitlock provides turnkey solutions for audiovisual and digital media technologies, including:

Control Rooms/Operations Centers

Whitlock specializes in delivering the latest audiovisual technologies to government, military and private sector clients, where security, reliability and sustainability are of utmost importance. Our expertise includes a deep understanding of the requirements, policies and procedures for these mission-critical projects. We help clients manage, share and control information in a secure environment with high level operational needs. Our solutions include:

  • Command and Control Centers
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Entertainment/Broadcast Studios
  • Financial and Energy Trading Floors
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Public Transportation Systems
  • Security Operations Centers
  • War Rooms/Situation Rooms

Digital Media & Signage Networks:

Whitlock's Digital Media services include streaming, IPTV and lecture capture, often used in an array of collaborative environments. Digital Signage is an effective and engaging communications medium for marketing, entertainment, security and education. Whitlock delivers high quality digital display systems for:

  • Auditoriums
  • Emergency Management
  • Information Centers
  • Interactive Learning Facilities or Kiosks
  • Lobbies
  • Museums
  • Retailers
  • Stadiums
  • Transportation/Public Messaging

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards bring new collaborative capabilities to every environment, from the classroom to the board room. The ability to share and manipulate data from multiple locations at the same time is an amazing tool for professionals and students alike. Whitlock assists clients with making the best choices that match their ultimate needs and goals, whether it's helping students learn faster, or helping engineers solve problems quicker. Whitlock can advise, implement and support all interactive technologies for the best results achievable.

Large Venue Technologies

Whitlock is known for its ability to solve audio and acoustic challenges, delivering high-end solutions that max out the sound goals for public and private spaces. The company implements audio technologies for:

  • stadiums, arenas and concert halls
  • corporate or government security alert/announcement systems
  • historical buildings with special preservation requirements
  • museums and interactive public spaces


Immersive Telepresence and Videoconferencing enables teams to work together and interact seamlessly, regardless of location. The use of video by corporations, universities and government entities has become universally expected and provides many worthwhile benefits, including lower travel costs, improved efficiency, and enhanced collaboration. Whitlock can help your organization figure out the best solution that matches your conferencing needs, whether you need a fully immersive telepresence solution across the enterprise, or a desktop-based solution for a remote workforce. Learn more about our Videoconferencing capabilities here. 


Whitlock assists with high-resolution or 3D, multi-channel, blended display walls that allow our customers to view mission critical information in a large and seamless format. These lab type environments are used for military, research or medical collaboration, where end users need to simulate potential scenarios and develop realistic solutions. Images can be reviewed in multiple configurations, including full-screen, split screen, picture-in-picture or thumbnail formats.