Partnering for 100%, 360° Coverage.

Whitlock helps clients share it with the world in real time, HD and 3D, without fail, from dozens of corporate and partner locations in the U.S. and across the globe. We are a founding partner of the Global Presence Alliance (, which provides systems integration, standards, quality control and support for audiovisual services worldwide. The purpose of the GPA is to enable businesses and organizations to "Think Globally, Act Globally." Together, we offer a combined talent pool of thousands of AV professionals, ready to support enterprises and governmental entities with worldwide collaboration and communication needs. The benefits of this alliance include:

  • Consistent international project quality
  • Access to a local, proven AV solutions provider for any worldwide location
  • Sharing of innovations and best practices from international team of experts
  • Standardization of system design, programming and implementation across partner network
  • More effective global project management and coordination
  • Common approach to project deployment and installations

Our list of member partners in alphabetical order by country:

Asia: Esco

Africa: Teljoy

Australia: ProAV Solutions

Benelux: VisionsConnected

Brazil: Absolut Technologies

Canada: Sharps Audio Visual

Czech Republic: AV MEDIA

France: IEC

Germany: Global Media Services

India: Godrej

Italy: Ayno

New Zealand: Asnet Technologies

Scandinavia: Atea

Switzerland: Kilchenmann

Turkey: Avitec

United Kingdom: Feltech

​United States: Whitlock