Improve Collaboration with Telepresence/Videoconferencing Solutions

Videoconferencing enables teams to work together and interact seamlessly, regardless of location. The use of video by corporations, universities and government entities has become universally expected and provides many worthwhile benefits, including:

  • Reducing travel costs and related expenses
  • Improving efficiency through quicker turnaround time for collaboration
  • Supporting green business practices by decreasing use of transportation as well as lowering use of paperwork
  • Promoting interaction with best talent regardless of location
  • Enhancing effectiveness of document or web-based presentations

Whitlock can help your organization figure out the best solution that matches your conferencing needs, whether you need a fully immersive solution across the enterprise, or a desktop-based solution for a remote workforce. Our team can assist with solutions for:

  • Traditional Videoconferencing
  • Immersive Telepresence
  • Multipurpose Conferencing Room Systems
  • Personal/Desktop Conferencing Systems
  • Mobile & Software Videoconferencing Solutions
  • Unified Communications
  • Distance Learning

To learn more about our Cloud-based or hosted videoconferencing services, please refer to our managed services portfolio.